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Why did Uni Médias choose Mood Edition?

Uni Médias is a leading French Media Group, the company behind household name magazines including Parents, Santé Magazine and many more, boasting over ten million readers.

The Challenge

Uni Média’s flagship magazine titles are widely recognized as references in their fields, but the group identified a need to reinforce the link they have with their readers through fantastic content linked to specific passions such as travel or gardening with an accompagnement throughout different key moments in their lives such as parenthood, retirement and so on.

The Solution

Already in possession of a stream of rich content produced in house, the MoodZine Mag solution enabled them to offer a new high value service to their readers: a completely personalized interactive magazine, unique to each individual user.

Other Benefits


Get to know your readers better in order to maximise advertising revenue

User Experience

Present the right content to the right people, simplifying navigation and improving the user experience


Automatically generate and send emails with personalised content suggestions to each individual newsletter subscriber

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