Affiliate Networks

Learn how Affiliate Networks are taking advantage of Mood Edition’s powerful profiling technology to drive revenue through highly targeted advertising and editorial content displayed right across their network of publisher sites.

Why are Affiliate Networks investing heavily in user profiling technology?

The more you know about your users, the better equipped you are to present them with content that will interest them. That’s true for targeted editorial content such as articles, videos and podcasts as much as it is for advertising.

Affiliate Networks have huge networks of sites promoting their campaigns. As the central factor behind these campaigns, affiliate networks equipped with Mood Edition’s profiling technology are uniquely positioned in terms of audience knowledge.

By following users across website A and website B and understanding their interests, we are able to offer a better targetted ad on website C.

Using profiling to get to know users

By installing a simple script that includes the profiling technology and a targeted advert module, it is much easier for publisher sites to show the most up to date creas and the most effective ads for each individual user, thus maximizing revenue from their ad spaces and in turn getting better results for advertisers. Wasted time spent selecting and updating campaigns based on guesswork is eliminated.

Improving User Experience and Engagement

In addition to targetted ads, publisher sites may chose to present users with specially selected content from their own site which match the profile of the user, thus driving engagement and increasing time on site. This mechanism provides value for users and improves the user experience, without the drawbacks of traditional native ad solutions (publisher sites retain 100% ownership of their user data).Native solution

Solutions for Display and Emailing

Many affiliate networks have significant email data bases which are a key
revenue driver. By implementing Mood Edition’s MoodZine Email solution they are able to personalize all or part of the emails that they send with 1 to 1 unique individual emails, taking personalization to a level way beyond simple segmentation.

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