About Us

Mood Edition is a Montpellier-based startup specialized in user profiling and data-driven personalization

In 2016 we set out to build upon a legacy of over 10 years of expertise in desktop software to create brand new multi-device solutions for publishing and monetizing interactive services based on individual users’ interests, moods and profiles. Over two years of intense R&D, we developed powerful exclusive profiling and content recommendation technology, allowing companies to present the most relevant editorial content as well as highly targeted advertising to their audience.


Today Mood Edition’s technology improves user experience through profile-based content personalization while preserving data ownership for content publishers. Our services are simple to implement and proven to drive increased user engagement. We bring real value to the general public and open up new possibilities for businesses. Our readymade MoodZine services can quickly and easily bring powerful content personalization to any website or email newsletter.


Mood Edition’s ambition is to revolutionize access to information, offering users a more relevant web, completely based on their interests and their mood at the moment they access content. Contrary to GAFA technologies, Mood Edition’s approach is totally committed to transparency and respectful of user privacy by giving users full access to view and modify their profiles at any time.


Beyond Mood Edition’s readymade offerings for publishers, advanced user profiling opens up numerous other applications for businesses including targeted lead generation, data-driven monetization optimization and data base refinement. Contact us for more details.

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